Recipe - Green Chilie (Not HOT, unless you want!)

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Recipe - Green Chilie (Not HOT, unless you want!) Empty Recipe - Green Chilie (Not HOT, unless you want!)

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:44 pm

I have been making this for many years, and you don't need a expensive Cut of Meat to make it with. -Dinner Ready in less than 3 hours-
(Crock-Pots work well too if you want to start the Pork before going to work)
-- Pork Roast (par-boil with Onion and Garlic for 2 hours, then chop into pieces)
-- “1” Garlic toe and “1” chopped Onion
-- “2” 4oz can’s of Diced Green Chilies (can use MILD one’s if you want!)
-- Oregano and Salt to taste

1. Fry the meat + garlic + onion for 10mins in the Skillet or till Meat has some Browning on it. Then add the diced chilies and Fry for about a min longer.
2. Pour enough of the Boil-water into the Skillet to cover the meat and mix in your Oregano and Salt
3. Let this simmer on low for 15-30mins (depends on your Stove) –BUT- Keep stirring every so often so it does not burn or stick to bottom of Skillet.
4. Normally, the mixture can still be a little “watery” so you may have to add in 2 Tbps of Corn Starch to thicken the mixture to the right consistency.

Make sure the Corn Starch gets mixed in well, and a couple more minutes of cooking time may be needed. Also, the Size of the Roast, etc. can very your ingredient quantities, so play with it some! Good Eating!


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