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Post  magdalaina on Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:53 pm

The faction has a bunch of stuff that I think most people aren't aware of. We usually sell it all at a very good discount. Like a mat usually sells at 300k, we sell to members at like 150k. Many people have donated these items to help the faction raise money or just to help out their faction mates. Please don't abuse it or use this as a way to make money for yourself, it will only hurt us as a faction and send the abuser packing.

We have a lot of stuff and it rotates often so I'm only going to list the items that are limited or at least not as common as the rest. We have gears, weapons and ornaments that are either sharded or have good stats. When I'm on, let me know you'd like a certain item and I will look for it when I get the chance. Quest reward gears and items that aren't anything special are sold. So here are the items we have that you may need.

Wind & the Clouds
Proud plate of corsair
Crystal headdress

Ghoulish Sword

If you'd like to donate something, all the banks are listed in the faction list or just wait for me to come on and I'll meet you. Thanks everyone!

PS - no donations necessary for gears, weapons or ornaments. If you want any of those, it is a loan. When you are done with it, it gets back to bank for another member to use when they need it.

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