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Recipe Chicken coffee

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Recipe Chicken coffee Empty Recipe Chicken coffee

Post  Jiris Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:11 am


Chicken pieces (how many you want to make)
Coffee (the enough to make for 5 or 6 ppl)
1 or 2 medium size potatoes (slashed in small squares)
Onion (at u wish)

Start by making ur coffee at meidum fire, how u do it: boil the water and le tthe coffee get done or prepare is at u wish , i normall use a lil bit of honey cause it will give enoungh sweet but not two many., while u do it put in the chicken and the potatoes , wait till this is ready, and there a delicious coffeechicken dish.

u can make some white rice, or a great pasta, to joind this dish.

also a good pink wine would be great. kk guys love you hope u enjoy this, if u try.

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