Easy Cheese Cake ( no bake)

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Easy Cheese Cake ( no bake) Empty Easy Cheese Cake ( no bake)

Post  Gigs on Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:54 pm

No this is not from a jello either

all u need are

1/2 c melted butter
2-4 blocks of cream cheese soften ( means ya leave it on the coutner for about 30 mins or so)
1-3 c of powder sugar (this depends on ya taste if ya like it sweet use 3cups of powder sugar if ya dont like it as sweet use 1 cup if ya like it inbetween use 2 cups)
1 - 9inch graham cracker crust (either one alrdy made or one u made urself)
dash of vanila (again to taste usually 1-2 tsp)
cinnomon (again to taste this one is option but it really makes the flavor pop 1 Table spoon)
tub of whipped cream
combine everything i start with the butter add in cream cheese mix til blended slowly add in the poweder sugar. (if using and elec mixer use medium speed or the whipped setting the longer ya whip it the fluffier it will be)add 2 large spoon fulls of whipped topping (set the rest aside)
then vanilla and cinnomon once its all mixed together and u have a nice fluffy mix fold into pie shell top with whipped topping and place in fride for about an hr then serve.

here are some other thigns u can do.

top with strawberries, or cherries, or blueberries or drizzle with dark chocalate.
add 1/2 cup fresh lemon or lime juice

instead of using a graham cracker crust, make ya pie crust out of oreo cookies

to make oreo cookie pie crust.. just chrush up one bag of oreo cookies add 1/2 cup of butter melted (add slowly mixing constanstly soemtimes u need less butter) 2 Tablespoons of white sugar. mix until moist then press into pie plate. Bake at 200 for about 15 minutes. then add above filling.

One of the things i love about this recipe there is so much u can do with it, and its so simple but taste like u spent hrs and hrs on it!

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